The Pension Scheme

The Wiggins Teape Pension Scheme is a well-established occupational pension scheme, with defined benefits ( i.e. a “final salary scheme”) for U.K.-based former employees of companies in the former Wiggins Teape and Arjo Wiggins Appleton groups. In 2011 it became a closed scheme, with all remaining active members (i.e. still employees at that time) transferring their accrued benefits to another scheme.

Responsibility for the direction and control of the Scheme is vested collectively in Beaufort Trust Corporation Ltd., The Law Debenture Trust Corporation Plc and BesTrustees Plc, all of whom are independent of the Arjo Wiggins, Antalis and Sequana groups. The Pensions Department of Arjo Wiggins Fine Papers is responsible for the administration of the Scheme.