The Website of The Wiggins Teape Pensioners Association


WTPA is an association of pensioner members of the Wiggins Teape Pension Scheme, a Scheme established for employees of companies in the Wiggins Teape and Arjo Wiggins Appleton groups. All members of the Scheme automatically become members of the Association upon their retirement.

The website aims to provide a platform which enables the Committee of the WTPA to communicate with members of the Scheme and for members to communicate with each other. It provides information on the Pension Scheme, how it works and is managed, and gives help to pensioners who have questions about the Scheme. It also covers Company news, obituaries, news around the Branches, social events and people news as well as having an archive section which holds back-copies of the annual Trustees Review, Postgate (WTPA’s newsletter), some Gatefold articles (a now defunct quarterly pensioner magazine) and photos and memorabilia from the past. To access any of the sections in the website, click on the appropriate link in the contents section on the side of this page.

This site was last updated on Wednesday, 16th November 2022 (see: Noticeboard: Obituaries)