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WTPA is an association of pensioner members of the Wiggins Teape Pension Scheme. The Scheme was established for the benefit of UK employees of companies in the Wiggins Teape and Arjo Wiggins Appleton groups. All members of the Scheme are deemed to have become members of the Association upon their retirement. 

This website is available for use by all members of the Scheme, be they active, deferred, dependant or retired. It has been set up to improve communication between the Committee of the Association and its members and between individual members of the Scheme.

Further details of the activities, organisation and aspirations of the Association can be found on the 'About WTPA' page of the All Users section of this website, particulars of and extracts from its publications on the 'Our Publications' page and the addresses of other websites likely to be of interest to members on the 'Useful Links' page.

The website has a private section accessible only by Registered Users. The Registered Users section of the website contains a number of additional facilities. They include 'The Pension Maze', a page that contains general advice and guidance on pension issues likely to be of concern to tWTPS members, 'Company News', a page containing informed reviews of the recent performance of the companies that participate in or provide financial support for the Scheme, 'Notice Board', an on line forum to which all Registered Users may post comments queries or requests and WTPA News, a page of the website to which the WTPA Committee, Branch or Club Co-ordinators may upload Association news or reports or images of social or sporting events.. This page now includes latest Pensions Department Information Circular (Obituaries) from September 2016 to June 2017 

Any member of the Scheme can become a Registered User if they wish. Further information on the procedure for becoming a registered user is given on the 'Become a Registered User' page.

The 'Registered Users Only' section of the website also includes a 'Document Archive' that contains copies of the constitution of the Association, minutes of its general meetings, past issues of Postgate and Gatefold and various documents of interest or relevance to WTPA members.

Members who are already Registered Users should click here if they wish to log in to the private section of the website.

This site was last updated on Monday 8th August 2017


Reminder -Dates for Diary

WTPA AGM and Lunch            6th June 2017. AGM 11.00am and Lunch 12.15. £20 per head    

All above at Test Valley Golf Club details to follow....

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